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  • Canceling does NOT delete your account or records (for a 6-month grace period), but does stop ALL payments and restricts all program access, after the expiration of your last payment expiration. This is for your safety.
  • An account can be reactivated via a Support Email to ChiroSimple along with a one-time (additional) reactivation fee of $59 (this is only if we’re able to recover our old account).
  • WARNING! Are you sure you want to cancel? You will lose all access to your program, send-records, attachments, etc. Please consider carefully. We cannot guarantee your account can be reactivated as it currently is. Cancelling should only be considered if you’re confident you don’t plan to use ChiroSimple in the future. Alternatively, consider Freezing your account instead.
  • Learn how to get copies of my records.
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