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Freeze / Unfreeze Membership

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  • You may Freeze/UnFreeze your account anytime.
  • Freezing will reduce your next, scheduled (and ongoing) monthly charges to $49 (until unfrozen).
  • New notes cannot be saved. All other features remain fully functional.
  • UnFreezing ignores any previous charges, and results in an immediate $89 charge.
  • The day you choose to UnFreeze, becomes your new monthly-charge anniversary.


Example: Dr. Jenny has been a member for 6-months, paying the regular rate $89/m. Her charges occur each month of the 15th. She decides to Freeze her subscription on the 20th. She was charged $89 five-days prior, and on the 20th she was Freezes her account. There’s no charges, yet. All program features are active until her next billing cycle begins (at which time her account will be Frozen). 

When the next month rolls into her 20th day billing anniversary, she is charged the Frozen rate of only $49, instead of the regular Pro Membership rate of $89. At that time, she’ll lose the ability to finalize (complete) notes, but she retains all other program functionality. She will continue to be charged $49 each month on the same (original Pro Membership) anniversary day (20th) each month, on that same day moving forward until she UnFreezes.

3-months go by and Dr. Jenny decides to UnFreeze. She does this on the 21st of the month. She was charged $49 on the 20th, and the next day (the 21st) when she UnFroze her account, she is charged $89. All program features are active once again.

Her new charge-anniversary date is the 21st of every month moving forward, and she will be paying the regular Pro Membership rate of $89 (each month on the 21st day).

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