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The simplest, most affordable and professional EHR documentation program for animal chiropractors.

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“I tried a couple different animal chiropractic EHR software options and my goal was to make charting notes as easy, quick and simple as possible. ChiroSimple was by far the easiest software to learn and utilize for my soap note needs. All of the vets I work with are very impressed with my notes and the client versus is very popular with clients who like to both read and see what regions of their dog or cat I’m working on. I HIGHLY recommend ChiroSimple for those who want to make charting notes as fast and simple as possible”

Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician®
International Certified Sports Chiropractor
Certified Animal Chiropractor via American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

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Remote barn in Antarctica? No problem. With ChiroSimple’s Android app, you’ll always stay ahead.

Easy to Use

Other animal chiropractic EHR programs require live demos and trainings because they’re complicated.

ChiroSimple is…Simple!

As soon as you login, you’ll be creating professional notes in no time.

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Enjoy the complete ChiroSimple experience before committing to any fees.

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“We’ve chosen to incorporate ChiroSimple animal chiropractic EHR into our animal chiropractic curriculum because we recognize our graduates’ competency will be judged, not only by their results and reputations, but also by the quality of their records.”

Dr. Annette Langlois, D.C.
Director, Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre


“When I decided to switch to electronic notes, I tried all of the companies that were out there at the time. ChiroSimple was the clear winner to me, due to the user friendly interface, concise but professional notes, integrated informed consent, records that can be accessed from anywhere, and affordable price. I have not been disappointed in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been using it. If you are looking for an animal chiropractic EHR program, look no further!”

Alissa Grover, DC, CAC


Mobile Optimized

Like you, we're also animal chiropractors. When we first launched ChiroSimple, we underestimated the value of carrying ChiroSimple in our pockets - we now know better!

We want our records with us at all times. We don't want to carry a laptop/tablet with us everywhere we go, "just in case." We're already carrying a phone, so it just made sense...we re-designed ChiroSimple to work flawlessly on mobile devices. Mission accomplished.

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When Dr. Amanda isn't treating animals (exclusively), and helping to build ChiroSimple, she enjoys participating in mountain-trail ultra-marathons. In other words, she's lazy 🤪

You can't get where you want, if you don't know where you're going...

With members spanning 14+ countries across the globe, with a multitude of practice styles, ChiroSimple has a unique set of data that we just couldn't let go to waste.

From your dashboard menu, you'll find the new INSIGHTS. We've created a ChiroSimple-exclusive statistic, which demonstrates your practice-performace and compares it to that of your colleagues. It's a rolling calculation, so (if inclined), you've got a reference point for improvement.

You can now visually see how your numbers compare to other animal chiropractors all over the world, as a collective average.

And, the best part? Unlike Dr. Amanda, you don't even have to break a sweat!


"There’s a lot to consider whenever you’re looking into an animal chiropractic EHR documentation program. The primary aspect you should think about when deciding is going to be ease of use. As a practitioner, your time is precious, and the more time spent on documenting and typing, the less time you are hands on helping to serve the patients that desperately need you. This is why I love the power of ChiroSimple."

Dr. Dr. Emily Puente, DC, CACCP, CAC, CST

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Free offer may not be available tomorrow.