Animal Chiropractic Notes — Simply done.

ChiroSimple was created by Dr. Amanda Kremer, a full-time animal chiropractor.

Struggling with overwhelm and notes she was embarrassed to share, she needed a solution. After carefully reviewing the tools available, none offered what she wanted – a simple tool to generate professional notes (in under 2-minutes) and store them all in one secure place.

5 years later, ChiroSimple was born. ChiroSimple is now a quickly growing community of like-minded, over-achieving animal chiropractic providers, who share the same passion to help animals and enjoy a fruitful, less stressful career while doing so.

Designed by a Practicing Animal Chiropractor

You’ll immediately notice the difference it makes, having a program created by one of your own.

Thorough and Detailed

Your notes are a direct reflection of your competency. ChiroSimple ensures your skills are represented as a qualified professional.

Access to your Notes Anywhere

If you can find a device with access to the internet, you’ll have your notes. Leave your worries behind.

It's Simple

ChiroSimple is simple. No tutorials or demos needed. You’ll find ChiroSimple intuitive to use right away.

Click Your Way to the Perfect Note


No More Clumsy Dictating

No More Lengthy Typing

No More Copying & Pasting

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"Your time is precious!"

“The more time spent documenting and charting, the less time spent hands on.”

— Dr. Emily Puente
Animal Chiropractor

It makes you look SO smart!

“If you’re an animal chiropractor, you need to check out this EHR.”

— Dr. Karen Stevens-Barnes
Animal Chiropractor

I can't imagine practicing without it!

“Not only has it made my life so much easier — but it’s been a really amazing marketing tool.”

— Dr. Alisha Jacobs
Tails Animal Chiropractic Care

We Chose ChiroSimple

“We’ve chosen to incorporate ChiroSimple into our animal chiropractic curriculum because we recognize our graduates’ competency will be judged, not only by their results and reputations, but also by the quality of their records.”

— Dr. Annette Langlois, D.C.
Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre

Customized for Your Office

ChiroSimple’s final notes look great. Your notes are easily customized to automatically populate with your office logo and signature!

Automatic Backups

Never worry about losing your notes – not with ChiroSimple. Your notes are backed up on our industry standard secure (USA & CANADA) servers, without anything for you to remember to do. And, if you lose your device, all you need is a computer connected to the internet and your notes will be there – every time.

No Contracts - Cancel Anytime

We believe it’s our job to impress you each time you use our tool and ensure you regard ChiroSimple as a must-have for your practice success. But if you decide leave, we won’t keep your notes hostage. Your notes are always your notes.

Proudly chosen as the animal chiropractic EHR software for the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre.

Proudly recommended by ChiroSecure as the
top choice for animal chiropractic EHR.


(We're confident you're going to love it)


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