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I must say that I really love it! It’s really helped my practice. I found it easy to use, and I’m not a techy-person but it was easy to understand.

The other thing I really love is the support that you receive… yeah I love it.”

Dr. Kim Adie, D.C.
Co-Director, Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre


I’ve been using ChiroSimple about a year now and not only do clients, pet insurance companies, and other physicians appreciate the notes, but I’m better able to recall the content of past visits. As a result, my relationship and reconnection with owners is better.

I will say that ChiroSimple makes me a better animal chiropractor and should be a standard in our profession. Thank you!”

Dr. Mark D’Amato, DC, CAC


I’ve I truly appreciate the work put into developing ChiroSimple. This software has helped streamline my management of patient contact info and treatment notes.  I’m now able to complete each SOAP note in half the time, and love the convenience of having patient data available anywhere.  Better yet, I’ve received compliments from colleagues on my professional treatment notes.  I look forward to new developments as ChiroSimple continues to grow and expand.

Dr. Kimberly Hunt, DC (IVCA)

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