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ChiroSimple will support notes for any species! (non-human)

Yup, any species. (non-human)

Although, ChiroSimple is primarily suited for Horses, Dogs and Cats.


A word on why ChiroSimple doesn’t also support Human EHR notes…

Here’s a little background on why and (the good news), our customers (in your exact same situation) feel ChiroSimple is still a great solution for them.
We understand running 2-separate programs side-by-side isn’t ideal from an efficiency standpoint; However, It actually makes a lot of sense, since animals and humans are handled (electronically) completely differently.
Humans are the patient; Whereas animals are property of humans – this is what poses the biggest problem with combining animal chiropractic EHR with human EHR – it gets incredibly messy and problematic. Notes not specific for this feature end up “reading weird.”
ChiroSimple doesn’t have any of these “combining” issues.
Our program was designed to be incredibly simple to use – In fact, after just 5-notes, you’re an expert and should have no problem creating a gorgeous note in under 2-minutes (that’ll blow the socks off of any human program out there). Sending ChiroSimple notes to primary providers broadcasts your competency in animal chiropractic and professionalism (get ready to start seeing referrals coming in). Few (if any) other programs can boast these results.
Our notes have stood up against board complaints, we’re the only animal chiropractic EHR approved by a malpractice liability insurance provider, we’re the only animal chiro EHR adopted into an animal chiropractic school for all their students, and (if that’s not all), we’re the only animal chiro EHR company owned by a practicing animal chiropractor! (and, yes, that makes a difference).
If you were dead-set on having a program that could do both, the ONLY circumstance we’d suggest that, is if you’ve got a waiting-list animal chiro practice and don’t need to grow. Most human EHR programs can be “modified” to accommodate animals and “might” “get the job done,” but certainly won’t be blowing the socks of any providers and stimulating referrals – no way!  Also, I can’t speak to how solid they would hold up in a malpractice case against you (which is on the rise, so plan for it).
We offer a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee so, If you’re not completely satisfied before the end of the 30-days, let us know and we’ll refund you in full (rarely ever happens).
Signing up takes 2-minutes, just click here > GET CHIROSIMPLE

Hope to see you on the other side!
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