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Using Online / Offline Modes

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Using Online / Offline Modes


The new ChiroSimple has both Online and Offline functionality, depending on your needs.  Though, our preferred method of use for all users, is “Offline Mode” (which in fact offers both Online/Offline benefits).

Online = when you have a reliable connection to internet (via a cellular signal like on your phone) or when connected to a wi-fi router (such as a tablet, laptop, desktop or your phone too).

Offline = Poor/unreliable internet connectivity / Absolutely no internet access whatsoever / No cellular connectivity / No Wi-Fi connectivity.

If you rarely ever encounter a loss of internet connectivity (ability to access a website), you can use “Online-Mode.”

If you frequently encounter a loss of internet connectivity and need to do your notes in that circumstance, (or you want the best user experience), we recommend you use “Offline-Mode.”

Every member of ChiroSimple has access to BOTH modes, included with their membership.



Online mode, means you will need a connection to the internet.

Open your web browser (Google Chrome, etc) and either visit:

  1. chirosimple.com > Member Login


2. you can go directly to the web login page by going to web.chirosimple.com.

Simply Log In. You can access your ChiroSimple program from ANY device (of any brand), anywhere in the world you can access the internet. That’s Online Mode.

All updates are pushed out without you having to do anything; though, sometimes it’s helpful to hard-refresh by clearing your web cache and history. We do recommend you do this every so often to ensure you’re using the most up-to-date version.



Offline mode is suggested for all members (for the best user experience) and if you (regularly) cannot get a reliable connection to the internet.

Offline mode is a native application that downloads to Android devices (only). Our favorite is the Amazon Fire 7 or 8 (https://a.co/d/0TkXGhq) and we love this case (https://a.co/d/fm9ITUM). For additional memory (recommended), get this one (specifically) for the Amazon Fire (7″/8″) > https://a.co/d/42iUK9r.

ALL new users start by registering via our online mode. Once you have an online account, you can download the Offline Mode application (to your Android device) by either:

  1. Access the internet (web browser) ON THE ANDROID DEVICE YOU WANT OFFLINE MODE and go to mobile.chirosimple.com. Follow the download instruction at the bottom of the page.

OR (for reinstalls)

2. Access the internet (web browser) ON THE ANDROID DEVICE YOU WANT OFFLINE MODE and Log In to your ChiroSimple dashboard (see Online Mode above for how to get there). Once you’ve logged in, go to the main MENU > ADDITIONAL RESOURCES > OFFLINE MODE DOWNLOAD.  LOG OUT of the online version. 

You now have offline mode App.  It should show up on your device’s desktop. Log back in here and you’re done!



  • Since we just released the NEW ChiroSimple, we are doing updates often. To get these updates (for now), you will need to Uninstall/re-install ChiroSimple app. In other words, delete it and download it again. We recommend you do this at least once a month until you begin to notice auto-update notifications within your app. Don’t worry, you won’t miss these. Here’s how to uninstall/reinstall… hold your finger on the app icon > uninstall > visit mobile.chirosimple.com > download > Install > Open. Sign back in. Done.
  • When using Offline Mode (the app), we recommend leaving your Wi-Fi connections and cellular connections turned ON, unless your device is really struggling and the app is acting problematic. ChirsoSimple APP Offline Mode was designed to switch automatically from Online to Offline based on the best situation it senses. So, you shouldn’t have to turn anything off/on. Just use it.
  • If you’re using the Amazon Fire tablet (recommended), for best performance follow these recommendations:
    • Add extra memory (see above) and choose for all pictures to be stored on the “Storage device.”
    • Turn off “Whispersync for Books”. Settings > Apps & Notifications > Amazon App Settings > Kindle Settings > Whispersync for Books > OFF.
    • Turn off “Collect Aoo Usage Data.” Settings > Security & Privacy > Collect App Usage Data > OFF.


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