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Locked Out!

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Did you forget your username or password, and get locked out of ChiroSimple?

Don’t worry!

Lockouts last for only 15-mins and are in place to protect you.

If you’re locked out, it’s likely because you either:

• Can’t remember your correct username (which is the original email you used when you signed up for ChiroSimple).

• You forgot your password.

• Or, you’re attempting to login to your program from a “high security risk country/region”. Our security blocks access from certain (high risk attack) countries/regions (such as, but not limited to: China, Russia, Iran, Nigeria, etc). If you attempt to login while visiting any of those locations, you will not be able to.

Ok, let’s help you get in…

The very first thing you should do, is RESTART YOUR COMPUTER (completely shut it down, wait a minute, then turn it back on). Hint: This usually is enough to fix many quirky issues.

Re-open your browser (ie: Google Chrome, Safari), or open a different browser (switch temporarily from Chrome to Safari, if you’ve be using Chrome). Ideally open a new tab in that browser in an Incognito Mode/Private Browsing Mode.  (Google that for help if you don’t know how)


Try logging in once more. If you still cannot, then continue on…

To recall your username (the email you signed up with), have a look at any of the emails we’ve been sending you, and notice which email we’re sending it to – That’s your username!

If it’s a password issue, follow these steps:

Resetting passwords

Resetting passwords involves going to the ChiroSimple (main site), so we recommend you do this in incognito mode, so you don’t get this error.

Step 1

In Incognito browser ([Ctrl]+[Shift]+[N] for Chrome, [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[P] for Firefox and maybe Safari):

go to your personal website, yoursitename.chirosimple.com and attempt to log in. Click on “forgot password

Step 2

This takes you to chirosimple.com (main site). Enter in the email address (you used to sign up) again. This will send you an email.

Step 3

Go to your email to see the support email that was just sent. Copy/paste it to the incognito window where you have your personal ChiroSimple site at the login page. Fill out the new password there.

NOTE: Password must be at least 12 characters long and consists of letters, numbers and symbols with as few English words as possible.

Step 4

When completed, close the incognito window and attempt to login directly to your site ON THE FIRST/ORIGINAL BROWSER (clicking “remember me” etc).


PROBLEM: If you think you have the correct password, but still aren’t able to log in, you may be dealing with a “cookie caching bug”. We’ve found that clicking on the Client Info page will work, but the other pages won’t.

• SOLUTION: try it in a new incognito window OR close your browser, completely, then start it up again.
• SOLUTION: go to chirosimple.com/wp-admin (main site). hover over your name on the top right. click “logout”. Then, go back to yoursitename.chirosimple.com

Still can’t get in?

Email us and let us know, we’re here to help.

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