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Security “not safe” warning

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When visiting your custom ChiroSimple login, you may notice that your web browser has a “not secure” icon or may even give you a very scary warning message, telling you not to proceed.
That message is expected and normal, and not nearly as scary as it appears.
We use standard SSL encryption for all pages that require you to enter sensitive information like credit cards and account information and standard HTTP for logging in.

Your phone / tablet / web browser don’t realize that you’re not entering in credit card information and so are warning you not to. If you ever see such warnings on a website that is asking for financial information steer clear — you won’t find that with ChiroSimple.


To avoid this, make sure the full/complete address for your site does not contain the “S” in “HTTP”.  So, it should look like:

http://yoursitename.chirosimple.com instead of https://yoursitename.chirosimple.com.

Choose > Advanced > then click Proceed Anyway

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