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I need support! Can I speak with someone?

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Our support is primarily handled via email; Although we do offer support over a video chat or phone if needed (rarely needed), but this is not our primary support system.
That being said, ChiroSimple is SIMPLE, not complicated and we rarely have any users needing any support at all (really!).
We’ve gone through great effort to answer the most common questions in our robust FAQ section on our website. We’re confident most, if not all your questions will be answered there.
We don’t want you to feel not supported – we support our customers! We’re just not set up, or find the need, to be on calls all day with customer support, since much care has gone into creating a program with SIMPLE in mind.
The FAQ resource is here> Need Answers/Help? Check out our Knowledge Base (FAQs)
Just type in your question in the search and hit Enter.
If you can’t find an answer, reply to any of our emails or send us a message through our contact form on this website. We care about you and will help!
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