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Leveraging ChiroSimple to help grow your practice

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Gorgeous notes, get noticed.

After every new patient, create an Initial Report. Then, immediately email the report right from ChiroSimple to the pet’s primary veterinarian, a nearby human chiropractor (who doesn’t work on animals) or any other potential referral source.  It won’t be long before they begin to regard you as the authority animal chiropractor. Not to mention, it’s likely no one else is doing this, which will separate you from the rest.

Additionally, when you see a pet whose owner you believe is an “influencer,” consider emailing them your initial report (right from ChiroSimple) along with a personalized message, that might read: “Dear Mary, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how nice it was meeting you and having the pleasure to treat Bella, she’s so sweet!  I thought you might like a copy of my notes from her first visit for your own records.  Looking forward to helping the two of you enjoy many more quality years together. – Dr. Someone”

…and that’s just the beginning, more VIP tips for our ChiroSimple customers on the inside!

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