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How do I merge my existing clients?

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A common belief is that, “before I get started using ChiroSimple, I first need to add all my existing clients, animals and all my previous records into the system, so it’s ready.”

Don’t do this!  This would be incredibly overwhelming and time-consuming.

Here’s the right way… Just start using ChiroSimple now. As you see patients, add their info. At first, it’ll be a bit more work, but soon, you’ll be caught up and you’ll only need to do this for new clients/animals.

We also don’t recommend scanning in all your prior records either. Once again, overwhelming!  Just start where you are moving forward. For a little while, you’ll have records in 2-places, but before you know it, you’ll have fully transitioned to ChiroSimple with all your records in one place. Of course, if there’s a particular animal you need to do this for, that would be fine, but the idea of doing this for all your files is unnecessary.

Just start where you are, everything will work out, you’ll see…


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