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Customize clinic profile

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First>> Watch this video > Customize My Clinic Info – Video



1. Sign a piece of white paper with a black sharpie marker.

2. Take a picture of it using your phone and adjust the contrast/brightness settings so that the background is bright white and you no longer see the fleck (noise) of the paper.  It should look stark white against your dark, crisp signature.

3. Crop the image tight around the edges of your signature and save.

4. Email it to yourself at the largest size.

5. Open your email on your computer, Download the image to your computer and open it in Preview or any image-viewing program.

6. Adjust the size, so it’s about 600×300 pixels (just get as close as possible).

7. Save it, and upload it in the “General Settings” (found at the top of your dashboard under “Settings”).

You may have to upload it twice for it to “stick.”

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