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You may be wondering if ChiroSimple can…. (fill in the blank)?


With any program, designed to improve efficiency, there is always a trade-off.  ChiroSimple was designed with the specific purpose of making animal chiropractors’ lives less stressful and more profitable. We accomplish this by providing a software solution, that most notably:

  • Organizes records in the cloud, accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world.
  • Enables the user to create world-class, boastable notes in under 2-minutes.
  • Provides the user with a simple solution to market their skills, effortlessly, by sending their impressive records directly from the software.


Our members feel that our program offers a more-than-expected blend of functionality, effortless speed and desired output, in exchange for the lack of certain customizations they may desire.
We understand that there will be specific language modification desires or functions not available with ChiroSimple now (or possibly ever). We do our very best to listen to our members and our program is continually evolving. However, to truly have everything one may want, exactly to their own unique specifications, hand-typed notes would be the proper solution. The downside to that, is not just limited to time, but many other (significant) limitations.
ChiroSimple has transformed many lives and practices. Our members have expressed that prior to ChiroSimple it would take them (on average) approximately 30-minutes to create an initial visit report (equivalent in detail to a ChiroSimple report). With ChiroSimple, they are now able to do so in under 2-minutes. Considering the average time allotted for an initial visit is that same amount of time it takes to create an initial note (hand-typed, 30-minutes), and the average income for an initial visit is $80, ChiroSimple has the ability to increase a member’s income by a (potential) multiplier of 14, adding an additional $1,120 of income for every initial note created using ChiroSimple compared to hand-typed!
So, an easier way to put this, is: ChiroSimple saves you time (a lot) and considering time=money (you can’t treat patients while creating notes), ChiroSimple gives you back more time, which should also give you the ability to generate more income with less stress/effort. The trade-off is that there will be specific features missing you may want; However, when considering the overall benefits, the upside is far greater compared to the downside, which for most is minor limitations with customizability.
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