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Barn / remote location capabilities

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We have 2-options for those who need a solution in areas without WI-FI (such as at a barn or a house-call).

Option #1 (IF you have cell phone service):

If you’d like to do your notes on-site at a barn (for example), provided you have CELL PHONE SERVICE (ie: you can make calls), all you have to do is use your phone as a Personal Hot-Spot. Alternatively, if your tablet has built in 4G LTE capability, you could add your device to with your cell phone carrier and have a connection everywhere you go (provided you have cell phone service coverage).

ChiroSimple is an internet/cloud-based program, which requires an internet connection.  This way, you don’t have to worry about ever losing your notes!  We designed it this way to protect you. In the event you drop your device in a puddle of water or it falls out of your bag, you’ll never have to worry – your notes will always be there for you.

Option #2 (IF you don’t have cell phone service in that area):

NO WI-FI, NO Internet, NO Cell Signal … NO PROBLEM!
ChiroSimple has a solution to keep you ON-TRACK 100% of the time.

We call it – TempNotes
Use TempNotes to quickly keep track of your appointment findings, while away from your computer, or when you’re without wi-fi/cellular signal. An easy solution for taking with you to house/barn-calls.

TempNotes are available for every ChiroSimple member.  To find them, just click on ‘Clinic Resources’ at the top of your program.

Print the TempNotes as you need, jot down relevant info during your visit and later (once you return to your electronic device or signal) simply transfer the note to ChiroSimple.

ChiroSimple notes are easily created in less than 2-minutes. Many docs using our program are easily able to complete notes in well under 60-seconds!

PRO-TIP:  Have an assistant?  Simply hand them your TempNotes and have them create the note for you.  TempNotes follow the flow of a ChiroSimple note perfectly, so it’ll make sense and be easy to transfer over.

Here’s an example of a Large Animal Regular Visit TempNote…

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