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Device compatibility (laptop/desktop/ipad/tablet/phone)

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Our program was designed to be used on a DESKTOP, LAPTOP and TABLET (like an iPad, for example) and those devices will give you the best experience.  Some features work very well on cell phones, but cell phone compatibility is not supported by us. Our outmost concern is quality balanced with efficiency. What works very well from cell phones is sending records to referrers or even taking notes!  Although, we don’t feel professional notes should be created on a phone – but, you could.
ChiroSimple is an internet/cloud-based program, which requires an internet connection.  This way, you don’t have to worry about ever losing your notes! We designed it this way to protect you. In the event you drop your device in a puddle of water or it falls out of your bag, you’ll never have to worry – your notes will always be there for you.
If you wanted to take your device on the go, this can also be accomplished by using your mobile phone as a hotspot or adding your tablet (with 4G LTE capability) to your cell phone carrier plan – works amazing!  Using your phone as a hotspot is easy, all you’ll need is cell phone service (the ability to make/receive phone calls). So, if you wanted to, you could take your laptop/tablet anywhere and connect via Wi-FI, use your phone as a hotspot or attach it to your cell phone plan and mess with nothing (simplest way).
Our program was designed with one primary purpose – to help animal chiropractors generate the nicest, most complete/compliant notes, effortlessly – and we certainly have done that!  Feel free to compare our notes to any others out there, our customers agree, the difference is obvious.
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