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Highly Requested Feature! — Only $10 / month

ChiroSimple now allows you to add additional doctors to your custom-office program.


Why Add-a-Doc?

You may want to do this if either (or both) of these conditions are true:

  • Another doctor (or any number of new doctors) have joined your office and will be treating patients. Whether you each only treat your own patients, or patients may see any of the available doctors, you’d like to have all your office patients in ChiroSimple.
  • You plan to take some time off and hire a locum (fill-in) doctor to treat your patients while away. And, you’d like the reports to be signed by them, since they’re the treating doctor.

What You Get

  • Each doctor gets their own unique login credentials – yours will remain the same.
  • The newly added doctor will add their own custom signature, default email. You will notice this at the top menu under Settings > User Settings.
  • All added doctors have the ability to access all files created at your clinic and create their own notes (with their own signatures).
  • Only the doctor who completes the visit notes can modify/edit that note. All other doctors can still view, print, or send it via email.
  • Notes are stamped with the attending doctor’s initials (internally), so your office can see who completed the note for that patient (or still have drafts to complete).
  • All patient file uploads and alerts remain viewable and editable for all doctors.
  • If, in the future, an Added Doctor is removed, their completed notes will remain, but remain locked.

Payment Details (The Fine Print)

  • Each doctor added will be charged at $10/month (recurring) in addition to your regular ChiroSimple membership rate.
  • You can add/remove doctors at any time on a month-month basis once they’re in our system. Just send us an email.
  • 30 day minimum, no proration.
  • Your Add a Doctor $10 charge will begin once you complete the form request (from within your program). This may not coincide with your regular ChiroSimple membership payments. (In other words, this payment is timed independently from your regular payment).
  • You can decide to charge this payment to any credit card you like, including your current payment method. This way, you can pay for the new doctor or have them pay their own fee.
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