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Canadian doctors can use ChiroSimple without concern of violating any Canadian privacy (or server regulation) restrictions.
The reason for this, is that the none of the information stored with ChiroSimple is governed by PHIPA, in that, it’s ONLY animal health information and NO HUMAN HEALTH information is recorded.
Additionally, STANDARD OF PRACTICE S-022 (https://www.cco.on.ca/wpcontent/uploads/2017/10/S-022.pdf) does not apply, since it (once again) was designed for HUMAN HEALTH INFO, not animals.  Albeit, these are great practices for protecting information and at a clinic level, we would strongly suggest our members follow this information as guidelines for security.
Rest assured, ChiroSimple will never share any of your information with anyone, unless of course we were court ordered to do so and at that point would likely discuss with you what to do.  Our customers always come first.
Extensive, ongoing efforts are made to ensure security for our members info and our servers.  We use the best security and backup your data regularly, so you can sleep without concern.
There is a misunderstood rumor (which is just that and not validated) that Canadian doctors would be in violation, if using online practice tool companies whose servers are located outside of Canada. We have spoken with a representative from the International Privacy Commissioner of Ontario to triple check and to alleviate all concerns our Canadian doctors have, and that concern is absolutely false and not true. In fact, not only is that not true for animal doctors, but this is not the case for any doctor seeing HUMAN patients, either.
To clarify, Canadian doctors CAN use any service outside of Canada with information stored outside of Canada, provided they (and YOU) follow the same security measures as Canadians do – and we do.
We are aligned with the leading animal chiro school in Canada and have many customers there, who are comfortable using us as their office program. Many of whom also did their own research.
In summary:  Canadian doctors need not worry at all about joining ChiroSimple – we are compliant and therefore you are too!
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