Click Your Way to the Perfect Note

Yes, it’s that simple!

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you'll not only be a professional, you'll look like one too!

With a 30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, you’ll enjoy unlimited world-class notes for the whole month for only $89 (the cost of 1 new-patient visit).

So, the decision to join ChiroSimple isn’t only a simple, it’s a smart one too!

Initial and Daily Visit Notes

With ChiroSimple, you’ll now be able to generate impeccable Initial, and Daily Visit Notes for your patients.  

Your notes will be complete and you’ll never leave anything out by mistake, thanks to the way our EHR flows.  

The result is a perfect, detailed report, every time.

After sending my notes to an animal neurosurgeon, he mentioned how impressed he was with my notes.  In fact, he said, they’re the best he’s ever seen.  Talk about making a great first impression! Thanks ChiroSimple!
Dr. Alisha J.

Animal Chiropractor

Before (Edit) & After (View)

Pet Information

Enter pet information once, populated on every single note — updated automatically.



Effortless Range of Motion

Just a few clicks and ChiroSimple does the rest. Fully comprehensive ROM options allows you to show the work you did without additional hassle.



Spinal Reflexes

Some things are just better as a chart. ChiroSimple automatically generates a chart based on the spinal reflexes. Simple, easy, professional.



Make notes for:


Leave Worry Behind

Claims on the Rise

It’s unfortunately true, that claims against animal chiropactic providers are on the rise. Breath a sigh of relief knowing your notes are going to represent you as world-class.

Cloud-Based Software

Access to all your client records anywhere in the world. Worry-less, cloud-based storage means you’ll have access to all your records even if you’re on vacation in the Philippines!

Compliant and Backed-Up

Off-site back-ups are not only smart, but required.  We’ve got you covered.
Your records are safe with us and should anything happen, we can easily recover them for you in an emergency.



We’ve hired SiteLock Security to monitor our servers (which hold your precious notes) from malicious malware, brute force attacks and other technical jargon you’d rather not experience. Our bouncer turns cyber-criminals into incontinent crying babies!

Best in Class

Keep Your Notes - Even if you cancel.

Your notes are always your notes. 

Should you decide to cancel, we won’t hold your notes hostage.

One fee. Unlimited Notes.

No monthly charge surprises. With ChiroSimple, we believe pricing should be simple and straighforward so you know what you’re getting into.

Your monthly rate is all you’ll pay, period.
No pay-as-you-go erroneous plans, or confusing pricing per note – we keep it simple.

File Attachments

With ChiroSimple, all your records are in one place. You can attach anything, including: previous hand-written notes, digital x-rays, intake forms, a picture of the animal and vet records.


Since ChiroSimple is going to help your business reach higher levels of success, you’re likely going to be serving a lot more animals.

Keeping track of important facts by memory alone will leave you vulnerable.  We’ve solved this problem for you with ChiroSimple Alerts.

Perhaps you want to be alerted a particular dog is a biter, or an owner needs assistance getting their pet out of their car – you’ll never miss a ChiroSimple Alert.

Edit and View Reports on the Same Screen

Nothing’s more annoying than having to navigate multiple pages to create a single note. It’s not only inefficient, but it leaves room for document saving mishaps.

We believe editing and viewing your final note should be achieved on the same page. Often overlooked by other EHR systems, this detail will instantly become your new standard.

Hands or Instrument? No Problem!

Whether you use your hands to adjust your patients, an instrument or even a combination of the two, ChiroSimple’s got you covered. Just select your method and rest assured, it’ll be accurately notated.

Birds Eye View

Quickly see vital information and find patient records easily with our creative birds eye view.  You’ll love the simplicity and how intuitive ChiroSimple flows.

Automatic Updates

You’ll always have the newest, most up-to-date version of your membership’s ChiroSimple program. Since ChiroSimple is cloud based, you’ll never have to download anything or bog your device down with unnecessary hefty files that need to be stored. This not only maintains your device’s performance, but it saves you time and one less thing to remember to do.  There’s a reason we’re called ChiroSimple.


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