How it Works


ChiroSimple is:

An Online Tool

  • ChiroSimple allows you to effortlessly click your way through a coherent format of options about your patient’s visit.  Once completely, you simply click “Save” and ChiroSimple magically generates a beautiful, brag-worthy, digital electronic health record (note for that visit), which can easily be shared with anyone, at anytime.​​​​​​​

Add Your Own Custom Text

  • If you’re the type of doctor who relishes the details, and wants to bolster their notes with custom notationsChiroSimple gives you that power! Most areas have optional text input fields, so you can supplement your notes with your own personal style.

Cloud-Based and Accessible Anywhere, Anytime, From Any Device

  • All your ChiroSimple-generated notes are organized by pet owners & their pets.  They are stored in the cloud and are available to be accessed by you anywhere in the world, at any time, from any device (that can connect to the internet).

Upload Any File With Ease

  • You can easily save any digital record, PDF, Word Document, JPEG, Image, Xray, Hand-Written Intake Form, or even a short video to a patient’s ChiroSimple “file”.

Email Your Records With A Simple Click

  • Effortlessly email a single note, multiple selected notes, or all your notes for a particular patient to anyone – right from ChiroSimple!

Impressive, Professional and Impeccably Detailed

  • Every ChiroSimple note is gorgeous!  They read like you spent time writing them and no one would believe they were computer generated. It’s simply, magical.

Sleep Like a Baby

  • State board complaints against animal chiropractors are on the rise.  Rest easier with ChiroSimple!  ChiroSimple is recommended as the TOP CHOICE Animal Chiropractic EHR by the highly respected, ChiroSECURE.

Unconditional Guarantee

  • Every new ChiroSimple member get’s an unconditional 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.  So, leave your worry behind, you’re never locked in. And, we’ll never hold your notes hostage (if you decide it’s not for you).

Everything about ChiroSimple is intentional – and keeping it simple for you, is the foundation of our guiding principles.  During our staff meetings, we remind ourselves that we call our program “ChiroSimple“, not “ChiroComplicated.”


  • Say goodbye to stress and frustration with record keeping!
  • ChiroSimple notes SHOW other professionals & patients YOU’RE an animal chiropractor to take seriously!
  • At only the cost of only 1-new patient/month, ALL your records are paid for.  1-monthly rate, unlimited notes, no surprises – SIMPLE.